2021 Election Candidate Questionnaire: Roland Verrier, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Roland Verrier answers your questions

What steps would you take to help alleviate the overdose crisis?

The overdose crisis is a crisis of society and of the health care system. Besides treatment, including safe supply and safe venues, resolution of the crisis is dependent on providing health care, housing and a livelihood for everyone. 

How will you boost employment among Canadians with disabilities?

All the resources of the society must be put at the disposal of the people and under their control. At the present Canadians have no control over any decisions that affect their lives. If they were the ones making decisions you can be sure that there would be increased investments in health care, education and social programs, that economic development would be based on meeting the needs of the people and not the demands of foreign monopolies. 

Local news that matters to you

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What is your party going to do to ensure that the 3.5 million Canadians who cannot afford necessary prescriptions can get the medications they need?

When decisions are made based on meeting the needs of people solutions can be found to every problem. For example health care under a public authority controlled by the people would include all aspects including dental care and the drugs that people need. 

Given that many cases of COVID-19 occurred in private long-term care homes and many people in such care also got extremely or deathly ill during the B.C. heat dome because of the age and state of such buildings, what will your party do to address current and future events that put vulnerable family members at risk?

Canada has all the expertise necessary to have a publicly owned pharmaceutical industry and put an end to all privatization in health care and expand publicly owned seniors’ care, both nursing homes and home care. Ambulance paramedics and other health care workers have been warning of the consequences of cuts and staff shortages which contributed to the deaths of hundreds of people in the heat dome. 

What steps would you take to combat climate change?

If the people who are affected by decisions made by government actually participated in discussing and making those decisions, the problems facing society could be sorted out in a manner that favours the people. We know that the Liberals and Conservatives in Ottawa and the Liberals and NDP in BC come up with one pay-the-rich scheme after another to serve private interests. They implement decisions made by the rich in terms of developing the economy without regard to the consequences for people and the environment. They involve Canada in acts of war as part of the U.S.-led NATO alliance when Canadians’ interest lies in developing relations of mutual benefit with other countries.  

Why should Canadians vote for you?

The MLPC stands for political renewal, for people’s empowerment, for the election of a constituent assembly to write a modern constitution to be adopted by referendum, for the members of parliament to form the government and choose the head of state, the recognition of Quebec’s right to self-determination and the creation of a free and equal union of Canada, Quebec, Inuit, Indigenous peoples and the Metis nation. 

For more information on the MLPC program and where we stand, visit www.cpcml.ca.

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