2021 Election Candidate Questionnaire: Bonita Zarrillo, NDP

Bonita Zarrillo answers your questions

What steps would you take to help alleviate the overdose crisis?

The approach the Liberals and Conservatives have been taking is clearly not working. The NDP will declare a public health crisis and end criminalization of drug addiction. We need to focus on harm reduction, work with the provinces on safe supply and support overdose prevention sites.

Do you support providing safe supply for drug users? Yes/No


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How will you boost employment among Canadians with disabilities?

For too long the Liberals have left Canadians with disabilities behind. We’re working to implement a basic guaranteed income, beginning with people with disabilities.

What is your party going to do to ensure that the 3.5 million Canadians who cannot afford necessary prescriptions can get the medications they need?

The Liberals and the Conservatives teamed up to vote against universal pharmacare. We are working to implement a national program so that all Canadians can afford the medication they need.

Given that many cases of COVID-19 occurred in private long-term care homes and may people in such care also got extremely or deathly ill during the B.C. heat dome because of the age and state of such buildings, what will your party do to address current and future events that put vulnerable family members at risk?

We are going to end for profit long-term care for seniors. By taking profit out of long term care, seniors and families will be the focus and receive the support they need.

Do you believe human activity is causing climate change? Yes/No


What steps would you take to combat climate change?

Under Justin Trudeau emissions have continued to rise. We are going to end fossil fuel subsidies and reduce emissions so that we can have a healthy planet for future generations. We will invest in good jobs in the energy sector so that workers aren’t left behind as we transition to a cleaner economy.

Do you support an immediate reduction in Canada’s oil and gas production?


What will your party do to help achieve Reconciliation?

We must immediately work to fix Canada’s deeply troubled relationship with Indigenous peoples. The NDP will work on true nation-to-nation building once elected. We’re committed to a plan ensuring safe housing, clean drinking water immediately, ending the underfunding of Indigenous children’s services and access to safe healthcare.

Does the government have a role in policing social media platforms that traffic in misinformation? If so, what is that role?

The spread of misinformation on social media platforms is something that is frustrating for Canadians and social media companies alike. We must collaborate with companies to find solutions that honour our democratic process and Canadians right to free speech. 

What steps will you take to make housing affordable for Canadians?

We are going to build 500,000 units of affordable houses across the country. We are also going to take on big money in housing and support renters with immediate relief for those struggling to afford rent.

How is your government intending to continue the vaccination process?

We need to increase access to vaccinations and proof of vaccination across the country so that we can protect our communities and our families.

Do you favour mandatory vaccinations for certain professions such as teachers and government employees?

An NDP government would make vaccines mandatory for people working with vulnerable people. We would also make vaccines mandatory for those working in federally regulated jobs.

Is reducing the debt a top priority? Yes/No

We need to focus on supporting people and ensuring that life becomes more affordable across the country and here in Port Moody – Coquitlam.

If no, why not?

We are still in a pandemic, and the recovery will take time. We need to work to support people and make life more affordable, while ensuring the ultra wealthy who have benefited from the pandemic pay their fair share.

Why should Canadians vote for you?

Canadians need a government and a representative that get results and fights for you. Trudeau and O’Toole have been working for the ultra rich. We need a government that will take serious action on climate change, affordability housing and more.

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