2021 Election Candidate Questionnaire: Laura Dupont, NDP

Laura Dupont answers your questions

What steps would you take to help alleviate the overdose crisis?

Decades of poor leadership by Conservatives and Liberals has resulted in harmful drug policies. We need a new approach that includes declaring a public emergency, ending criminalization for users, and focusing police resources on criminals who are selling toxic drugs, and increased access to harm reduction and treatment services.

Do you support providing safe supply for drug users? Yes/No


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How will you boost employment among Canadians with disabilities?

The Liberals say the right things but are too slow to provide Canadians with disabilities the help they need now. We know that Canadians with disabilities need help now so we will work to expand and improve employment programs and immediately implement a basic guaranteed income.

What is your party going to do to ensure that the 3.5 million Canadians who cannot afford necessary prescriptions can get the medications they need?

No one should have to choose between putting food on the table or buying the medications they need to survive. Trudeau’s Liberals voted against universal pharmacare and instead protected big pharma. Under Jagmeet Singh, Canadians can get the prescriptions they need with their health card, not their credit card.

Given that many cases of COVID-19 occurred in private long-term care homes and may people in such care also got extremely or deathly ill during the B.C. heat dome because of the age and state of such buildings, what will your party do to address current and future events that put vulnerable family members at risk?

To protect the health, safety and quality of life for seniors in care, we will end for-profit long-term care and bring it under the public umbrella. It’s better for seniors, their families, and staff. And we’ll retrofit buildings and homes to improve safety and energy efficiency.

Do you believe human activity is causing climate change? Yes/No


What steps would you take to combat climate change?

We need to start treating the climate crisis like the emergency that it is. The NDP will eliminate fossil fuels subsidies, cut emissions, invest in good paying jobs in the energy sector, and stop letting big polluters off the hook so we leave the next generation with a healthy planet.

Do you support an immediate reduction in Canada’s oil and gas production?


What will your party do to help achieve Reconciliation?

Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples has been deeply troubled. The NDP is committed to improving nation-to-nation relationship building. We have a plan that commits to safe housing, clean drinking water immediately, safe access to healthcare, and funding Indigenous children services properly.

Does the government have a role in policing social media platforms that traffic in misinformation? If so, what is that role?

People are tired of misinformation. Social media companies are tired of their platforms being used for misinformation. This is clearly new territory, which is why I believe all of us need to work together to develop solutions that respect free speech while ensuring the integrity of our democratic processes.

What steps will you take to make housing affordable for Canadians?

After six years of Justin Trudeau, we’ve landed in a housing crisis. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP will build 500,000 affordable homes – while the Conservative and Liberals continue to rely on market housing – and we will take on speculators with a 20% foreign buyers’ tax.

How is your government intending to continue the vaccination process?

We believe that the way out of this pandemic is for people to get their vaccination when they can. We are listening to scientists and our trusted experts and will follow their guidance.

Do you favour mandatory vaccinations for certain professions such as teachers and government employees?

We will require vaccinations for any worker in a federally regulated workplace. Crucially, we will also make vaccinations mandatory for anyone working with vulnerable people in places like hospitals, long-term care homes, and schools.

Is reducing the debt a top priority? Yes/No

Now more than ever, taking care of people is our top priority.

If no, why not?

The ultra-rich in Canada made $78 billion in excess profits during the pandemic while the rest of us struggled. It’s time to make the ultra-rich and big corporations finally pay their fair share, so people and small businesses don’t pay the cost of our pandemic recovery or tackling the debt.

Why should Canadians vote for you?

My time as a city counsellor has shown that I am a strong advocate for people in this riding. I work for families, not the ultra-rich. I will work for you to fight the climate crisis, the housing crisis, and to make sure the rich pay their fair share.

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