Top 5 WorkSafeBC fines in Tri-Cities for 2022

Construction in Coquitlam. file photo Jeremy Shepherd

Five companies operating in Coquitlam were hit with WorkSafeBC fines ranging from $6,000 to $20,000 last year – the five heftiest fees levied by the agency in 2022.

The list contains one firm in manufacturing, one in the service sector and three in the construction industry.

P.T.I. Punch Tools Inc, $20,474, June 23


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WorkSafeBC investigators attended the Coquitlam-based manufacturing site after a worker was seriously injured. 

The employee had come into contact with a press machine while it was operating and investigators found the safeguard methods used for the machine were not sufficient. 

The company had failed to make sure the machinery was fitted with proper safeguards to stop employees from accessing hazardous points. 

It was a repeated and high-risk violation.

Iron Bay Holdings Ltd. / Shack Shine, $10,000, March 1

Investigators attended a townhouse complex after a worker had fallen more than 16 feet off the roof.

The Port Coquitlam-based service company was contracted to clean gutters, when the worker fell off the sloped roof of one of the units.

There was no fall protection system in place during the incident, the company failed to ensure it was being used, and its workers were not provided with information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to keep them safe.

Both infractions were repeated and high-risk violations. 

Canadian Quality Stucco Ltd., $7,500, May 17

The Surrey-based company was installing stucco at a new three-storey house when WorkSafeBC inspectors observed workers without fall protection in place.

They employees were on an unguarded balcony, setting up scaffolding. Two of the workers started work from the scaffolding with no protection, exposing themselves to a fall of up to 20 feet. One of the workers was a company representative.

Inspectors issued a stop-use order for the platform until guardrails were in place, and later discovered the workers had ignored the order.

Failing to use fall protection and comply with WorkSafeBC order were both repeated violations by the company. 

It also failed to ensure scaffolding was designed and installed to standards, or provided workers with information, instruction, training, and supervision – all considered high-risk violations.

Zebiak House Raising Ltd., $6,720, June 2, 2022

The Burnaby-based company was raising a house at a multi-building renovation site, when WorkSafeBC inspectors saw a worker with no fall protection in place.

The worker was climbing onto a concrete foundation wall and then onto an adjacent beam, exposing them to an over 100-foot fall.

Inspectors also noticed multiple pieces of rebar protruding from the temporary support structures, creating an additional risk of injury.

Both infractions are considered high risk

The support structures were also too narrow, contrary to safety requirements, a repeated violation.

Northwest Framing Ltd. $6,028, June 14

The Surrey-based company was framing a new house, when inspectors observed a worker with no fall protection in place.

The worker was a company representative, and was leaning over the edge of a roof, exposing themselves to a 12-foot fall.

This was a repeated and high-risk violation for the company.

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