Letterbox: Port Moody needs to sidestep Slate 2.0

Dear Editor,

By now we have all heard that Mayor Rob Vagramov will not be running again for mayor of Port Moody this fall. However, it seems that Coun. Steve Milani will be Vagramov’s appointed heir and successor for the job this October 15.

As a city councillor for the past four years, Mr. Milani has voted in lock step with Vagramov, supported him, propped him up and encouraged and enabled this Mayor for his own purposes.

I would like to remind the voters of Port Moody that Couns. Milani and Hunter Madsen (along with Mayor Vagramov) voted against the October 2019 motion for the mayor to take a leave of absence during his criminal sexual assault allegation and investigation.

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Recall that Coun. Madsen said that Vagramov “had every right to return to the Mayor’s chair, under the law” despite dozens of people rising to speak at public input asking Mayor Vagramov to “do the right thing” and step down until his charges were settled.”

And in the Tri-City News article published on October 9, “In the end, council voted on three motions: one to ask the mayor to step aside until his legal issues are dealt with, which was approved in a 4-3 vote breaking down along gender lines…where is the second motion and a third to ask Vagramov to resign if, after his case is settled, he is not totally exonerated, which was defeated, with Vagramov, Madsen, Milani and Lubik voting against it.”

In the past four years, an unsettling number of motions before Council were settled 4-3 in favour of the Mayoral slate in a toxic environment full of bullying and aggressive behaviours. Female councillors have been spoken over, bullied and ignored. I urge voters to reject Slate 2.0 led by Mr. Milani and Mr. Madsen this fall and to watch carefully to see who they add to maintain their majority – it’s time that we had a council that looks out for residents, instead of just each other.

It is my sincere hope that voters will not forget to hold Vagramov’s cronies responsible on October 15.


Phil Chau

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