The best bakeries in the Tri-Cities

Our quest for the best bakeries in town

Due to our ridiculous need to rank things that don’t need to be ranked, we’re planning to list our top Tri-Cities bakeries later this year. Below is a roundup of our top contenders listed in no particular order. Did we leave anyone out? Let us know.


Olivier’s Breads: I’m not saying it’s the best bakery in town but it might be the most. The menu is like one of those true crime documentaries where, just when you think it’s over, it spins off in a new, unexpected direction.

They’ve got sweet French pastry and sourdough, croissants and croquants, cheese sticks and cheesecake and blueberry hibiscus tea.

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Located at 12 King Edward Street, the store offers curbside pickup with two hours notice.

Mundy Park Bakery: In Como Lake Village, this bakery is a standby for great cinnamon buns and, I’m told, fantastic focaccia bread.

Cakes n Sweets: It’s a one-stop shop for sweet teeth.

They’ve got chocolate ganache and a range of specially designed cakes and – for the moment – holiday macarons in candy cane matcha green tea.

Located at 2773 Barnet Highway, the shop is currently offering $10 delivery for Tri-Cities customers. They also do take-out and curbside pickup.

Maxim’s Bakery: Perhaps most famous for their mango cake, the Henderson Place bakery offers fare ranging from mooncakes (made with frozen glutinous rice and packed with a variety of fillings) to Napoleon Cake.

Rich and delicate, the Napoleon seems determined to conquer taste buds.

Port Coquitlam

Tishin Bakery: Located on 2755 Lougheed Highway, Tishin is unique because they serve Iranian desserts. Carrying forward his family tradition, Afra has 25 years of baking experience and you will often find traditional delicacies, not available anywhere else.

People love their customer service and recommend the pistachio cookie.

Europe Old Fashion Bakery: Located on 2552 Shaughnessy Street, this bakery is loved by locals for their decadent pastries and reasonable prices. A reviewer referred to their dark Christmas cake as “best store bought Christmas fruit cake” ever tasted. And of course, worthy of mention are their popular donuts.

Earthling Bakery: Serving a variety of au-natural baked goods, this bakery is perfect for vegans and those looking for gluten-free treats. What’s more is that they make desserts inspired by Korean-style baking and French Dacquoise, too.

Located on 950 Seaborne Avenue, the cute café is tucked away in an industrial complex and the vibe is cozy enough for you to spend time while you enjoy your food.

Delish Gluten-free Bakery: The owner has gluten and wheat allergies and to fulfil her cravings, she started baking in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. Located at 1730 Coast Meridian Road, the bakery serves wheat-, gluten- and nut-free products which are cravable for those without allergies, too.

Port Moody

Cascadia Bakehouse: Known for their Danish double snails, coffee cake and brioche (with butter and eggs from the Crazy Chicken Lady), the Clarke Street bakery and caffe is run by a husband and wife team who incorporate both Italian and Japanese influences into their food.

Casa del Pane Bakery and Deli: With French cheese, Greek olives and Virginia bacon, the Newport Village establishment serves a range of tastes. The menu includes sandwiches, pastries and cakes, all intended to offer customers a taste of Italy.

Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness: Full disclosure: Gabi & Jules have advertised with us in the past. The Clarke Street bakery serves up breads, jams and preserves, but their signature offering is their pies. They have cranberry rhubarb, blueberry Earl Grey and the slightly devastating caramel apple walnut.

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