Coquitlam council was paid total of $800k in 2021

In 2021, Coquitlam collected a total of $303 million in taxes, including sewer and drainage fees, according to the city’s recently released statement of financial information. That figure represents an approximately 10 percent hike from 2020.

Property taxes currently account for approximately 40 percent of the city’s total revenues.

Where it goes

Approximately 38 percent of taxes collected by the city go to other agencies including Metro Vancouver and the South Coast Columbia Transportation Authority. The lion’s share of those transfers – approximately 78 percent – went toward B.C. school taxes in 2021.


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A small fraction – about 0.2 percent – goes to the Austin Heights Business Improvement Association.

What’s left

Following the transfers, the city lists Coquitlam’s taxation revenue for 2021 at $186.8 million.

Along with tax revenue, the city also made $20 million through land sales, with 95 percent of that cash coming from a land sale at 1295 Rocklin Street. The city also banked $81 million primarily through density bonuses and affordable housing fees from new development, approximately $30 million more than was budgeted.

Combined with other income, the city had a total budget of $283 million in 2021.

Where it was spent

Coquitlam spent $210 million last year on government, engineering, and solid waste. The largest single expense was parks, recreation and culture, which accounted for 21 percent of the city’s expenses in 2021.

A little more than 19 percent was spent on policing and approximately 9.7 percent was spent on general government.

The city has allocated $36.8 million toward asset replacement programs for 2022.

Salaries and expenses on council

Of the eight councillors, seven earned a salary of $73,097 in 2021. Former councillor Bonita Zarrillo earned $44,938. Mayor Richard Stewart was paid $183,365.

Council expenses ranged from Zarrillo’s $4,074 to Stewart’s $13,074. The rest of council claimed between $6,440 and $7,544 in expenses.

Council expenses tend to cover transportation and lodging costs for conferences and government panels outside the city.

Including taxable benefits and expenses, the city paid $808,053 to Coquitlam’s mayor and council.

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