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Jeremy Shepherd, Managing Editor

A chiropractor and a folk singer, after having one great kid, decided to push their luck and have one more, a boy they named Jeremy Shepherd.

Shepherd grew up around Blue Mountain Park in Coquitlam, following a basketball around and trying his best to get to the NBA (it didn’t work out, at least not yet).

With no career plans after graduating Porter Elementary school, Jeremy Shepherd pursued higher education at Como Lake Middle School and eventually, Centennial High School.

Approximately 1,000 movies and several beers later in life, Shepherd made a change.

Having done nothing worth writing, he decided to see if he could write something worth reading.

Since graduating journalism school at Langara College, Shepherd has been a reporter, editor and, reluctantly, a content provider for community newspapers around Metro Vancouver for more than 10 years.

He worked with dogged reporters, eloquently indignant curmudgeons and creative photographers, all of whom shared a little of what they knew.

Now, as he goes about the business of raising two fascinating humans alongside a wonderful partner, Shepherd is delighted to report news and tell stories in the Tri-Cities.

He runs, reads, and is intrigued by art, science, smart cities and new ideas. He is pleased to meet you.

Ayesha Ghaffar, Reporter

Ayesha (Eye-Sha) Ghaffar is a recent graduate from the UBC school of journalism and a new addition to the Constellation Media team. She moved to Canada two years ago from Karachi, Pakistan with a bachelor’s degree in Media Sciences (film/advertising/journalism).

She worked as a lifestyle journalist in Pakistan for nearly four years before she decided to pursue her passion for investigative journalism and meaningful storytelling.

Whether it’s social media, print, digital or audio storytelling, Ayesha has experience working with several mediums and continues to learn more about them. 

She has published works internationally in Abu Dhabi World magazine, Wamda Capital Dubai and  Something Haute Pakistan. In Canada, her words can be found at Global News, CBC Unreserved and National Post.

As a PoC Ayesha hopes to continue amplifying Indigenous and underrepresented voices in Canada, whether that includes social justice, climate change or immigration; she does not limit herself. 

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